Customers using Google Chrome, Version 42, to log into Global OpenNet(GO) should follow the steps below to successfully launch their User Desktop:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser
  2. Type: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi in the URL bar
  3. Click the Enable link for the Enable NPAPI configuration option.
  4. Click the Relaunch button that now appears at the bottom of the configuration page.
For instructions and more information regarding this workaround please go to:

Customers using IE, Version 11 to log into Global OpenNet(GO) should click here for important instructions on how-to configure browser settings. If the link does not work, please follow the steps below.
  1. Click on Required System Setup
  2. System Setup for Windows 7 User Guide and
  3. go to page 18 for instructions.

ANNOUNCEMENT(S): Windows 10 GO Compatibility: The Windows 10 Operating System (OS) has been tested and confirmed to be compatible with Global OpenNet (GO). For customers using the Windows 10 OS, please reference the Windows 10 User Guide found here or by clicking the "Required System Setup" tab above.



Additional Information

  • Ensure TLS v1.0 is enabled in your browser (See "HELP")
  • Allow pop-ups from * in your browser (See "HELP")


Additional Information

  • Disable pop-up blocker in your browser (See "HELP")

  In most intances for Kiosk mode NO installation is required. If issues are encountered you may need to install Java (listed below).

Additional Information

  • Kiosk Mode is provided as a convenience for basic connectivity and is NOT officially supported nor intended for use as your primary GO System access method
  • Ensure TLS v1.0 is enabled in your browser (See "HELP")
  • Disable popup blocker in your browser (See "HELP")

For help, please contact the IT Service Center (ITSC) at 1-877-246-9493 if you need assistance after you have completed the installation steps as outlined in the GO User Guides.